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5 tips that can take you to the top of the online casino world

When you logon onto your chosen online casino you do so in order to win. Every move you make should have profit in mind, with there being no wasted motion. While there is something to say for the taking part, it should by no means by your key motivation for playing. If you really want to be the most profitable player you can be, you need to think about how you are playing. The reason for this is simple; the most successful online casino players nullify their weaknesses and accentuate their strengths in order to succeed. If you’re a player who wants to be the next online casino gaming superstar then keep reading. In this blog we have gone right to the heart of online casino gaming, detailing 4 tips that can take you take your right to the top.

Tip No. 1 – Familiarity is key

For some odd reason more and more players seem to be adopting the “scattergun” approach to playing online casino games. I can’t even imagine why anyone would think this is a smart idea. Achieving success when it comes to online casino gaming is heavily reliant on focus; more specifically focus on the games that you have a firm understanding of. Familiarity will always be key to being profitable when gambling online, so always steer clear games you don’t have a true grasp on.

Tip No. 2 – Don’t discount strategy

I’ve heard it time and time again; some players just seem intent on playing without strategy in mind. Trust me when I say that these are the players that you don’t want to emulate. Luck is only going to get you so far when it comes to online casino gaming, so you must think beyond that whenever possible. When playing you need to look strategise and look to play with your head instead of your heart. Evaluate every game you play and look to research different approaches to playing. For example, should you enjoy playing online blackjack you best have basic blackjack strategy in mind should you want to be profitable. Remember if you want to be success when gambling online you must be prepared to research, analyse, plan, and strategise every chance you get. For more detailed information on online casino strategies and their effectiveness, make sure you visit an online casino portal.

Tip No. 3 – Safety first

When it comes to online casino gaming, you want to make sure that the casino that you play at is safe and secure, and has got all the neccessary licenses to operate. As long as you are playing on well known sites, that have been established on the market over several years, you should be completely fine. However, many new casinos are being launched at the moment, and not all of them are as serious as they make it out to be. Therefore, make sure to go through and similar channels before you play at a new casino, to ensure that they are not scam sites.

Tip No. 4 – Hit the withdraw button

Another key mistake that many players make is that they leave money lying around. This is a rookie mistake if there ever was one, because loose change is all to easily gambled away by those who aren’t great at resisting temptation. To be truly profitable you must make it a natural reaction to immediately cash out any and all winnings when a game session ends. Money left sitting around is simply being wasted, so make sure you hit that withdraw button every chance you get.

Tip No. 5 – Understand your limits

The final tip on this list is by far the most important, as it concerns not just profitability but player safety as well. Any player worth their salt understands that they must do what they can to protect themselves from suffering heavy losses. Limits are what can do this should they implemented properly. Before you even start playing an online casino game evaluate your bankroll and determine how much money you can “afford” to lose during a single game session. Should this figure be hit then you most force yourself to walk away from the game. Doing so will protect any winnings you have accumulated and allow you to live to fight another day.

A look into what the future holds for mobile casino gaming

Most are probably too young to remember, but back the early 1990s the concept of a mobile phone was still considered very much alien. It was during this time that experiments were first carried out with regards to getting the Internet operational on such a device. The very first efforts in such matter ran on the 1G network and had plenty of issues and faults, of which most had something to do with security. For over a decade the idea was seemingly put on the backburner, until the early 2000s when Apple decided to revisit the concept to create a device that had full-internet access. Through new 2G network access, the potential of such devices would become clear as the smartphone era hovered on the horizon by the time 2007 drew near.

During 2007 the very first generation of iPhone hit store shelves across the globe and changed the way the world viewed mobile phones. In what many consider to be the first true smartphone, it paved the way for not just future iOS devices, but also many of the Android devices that we see today. Fast-forward 8 years and the smartphone product offering is now based around the 4G network, with the iPhone now in its 6th incarnation. While plenty of industries have migrated to the smartphone platform, none have done so more effectively than the online casino industry. Taking advantage of the technological proficiencies available mobile casino gaming has now become commonplace in all four corners of the world.

Offering almost unmatched speed and performance, the current format of mobile casino gaming is certainly ticking plenty of boxes, but players are always looking for more. Looking at what’s next for the platform you need to look towards the social aspect of mobile casino gaming. Social media websites such as Facebook are now used by over 14% of the world’s population, with mobile casino operators definitely looking to tap into this user base. For now it is a platform dominated by free play and micro-transaction based games, but the mobile casino industry wishes to change that. It seems that several operators now have plans to at least pitch the idea of real money play through social media platforms. Whether it receives approval or not remains to be seems, but plans are clearly being put together.

From a game perspective, it seems like major mobile casino operators like LeoVegas, ComeOn, Betsson, and Royal Panda have been engaging with customers. Through such means they have established that both skill games and live casino games are what players are longing for. Titles like Solitaire and Bejewelled have engaged players around the globe, with many developers now looking to incorporate a similar outlay within the mobile casino games they create. Live casino gaming has also been another hot topic, with online casino portal users making it very clear that they want to be playing such games on the go. Because of this it seems that live casino games could soon be making their debut through some very notable mobile casinos.

As you can tell from all of the above, it certainly is an exciting time to be a mobile casino player. Already, several mobile casinos are featured and highly rated at and other leading casino portals around Europe. New games and new devices are on the way to take the platform to the long awaited next level. Who knows, if mobile casino gaming keeps progressing at such a fast rate, then it could one day overtake online casino gaming in the popularity stakes.

Microgaming and BetSoft unveil a bevvy of brand new games

November has arrived, which can only mean one thing for the online casino industry. Developers within the field are raising the stakes when it comes to new game creation, as the build up to the Christmas season is now well underway.  For players this means that brand new online slot games are on the way from some of the leading names in the field. Speaking on the developers who are gearing up for a major winter season, both Microgaming and BetSoft are well worth a mention. These two developers have some brand new games locked, loaded, and ready for release in the form of Basketball Star and Alkemor’s Tower. You can use services such as Sverigescasinon in order to get more information about what casinos offer these two games, while the following will give you an insider’s view of what to expect from them come release day.

Become a Basketball Star

It seems that over the past several months Microgaming has invested heavily into mobile casino game development. While that is the case they haven’t neglected the brand’s key franchise, as it seems that a new game in the “Star” series has been developed. Set to the beat of a hip-hop soundtrack, Basketball Star is a game that takes fans out of the stands and onto the court. Featuring 5-rows, 3-reels, 243 ways to win, along with 25 free spin and 10x multiplier bonus elements, it has never been more rewarding to shoot the hoops. The Wild Shot bonus is also of note, as players can unlock the fascinating Rolling Reels feature should they be able to find the net.

Set for joint mobile and desktop release, the game will go live through various operators this November, but it certainly won’t be launching alone. So Much Sushi, So Many Monsters, and So Much Candy are all set to launch across mobile platforms too. Speaking on the array of new releases, Microgaming Head of Casino Games Mike Hebden said, “This November we are bringing players a selection of brand new games, including the sport-inspired Basketball Star”. He also spoke the simultaneous release, “Both mobile and desktop users will be able to experience the brand new title without any wait, as a simultaneous release is on the cards”.

BetSoft Climbs Alkemor’s Tower

BetSoft have always been considered a key innovator within the world of online casino gaming. Not to miss a beat this November it seems like BetSoft are releasing a brand new 3D slots adventure in the form of Alkemor’s Tower. Making up part of the Slots3 title series, the game takes on all the mystique of a classic fantasy adventure. Themed upon magic and wizardry, players can harness great power through this any-way-pays slot game. Boasting typical Slot3 features, the game blends together the forces of water, air, earth, and fire together to make an online slots title that is full to the brim with action.

As the release of the game draws near BetSoft VP of Sales and Marketing Mark McKeown said, “Since we opened our doors many years ago we have strived to provide players with ultimate online casino gaming experience. Alkemor’s Tower represents the amazing progress that we have made as a company, with Alkemor’s Tower featuring 5-star visuals and all-round engaging gameplay”. Those who are on the lookout for a magical online slots experience are going to find that there is a lot to love about the wizardry-inspired Alkemor’s Tower.